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Mini Flashlight™

Mini Flashlight™

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 In the dark, light up your world!

Strong spotlight, born for brightness- Equipped with a flash function, the spotlight is suitable for remote lighting. The strobe light is suitable for the alarm effect in emergencies.


 The most versatile flashlight

Super versatile, side light can be used as a table lamp- Large floodlight is adopted on the side to ensure daily reading,  maintenance, and other needs. It is not tired of long-looking, high color rendering, no stroboscope, and it is not afraid even if there is a sudden power failure, meeting your various needs.


Self-heat dissipation is strong- This durable tactical flashlight is an ABS surface to draw off the heat effectively. It’s with higher heat distribution performance than most  USB rechargeable flashlight powered LED.


Body color: Black

Charger: Rechargeable

Body Material: ABS

Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low

    Package includes 

Waterproof Mini Flashlight

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