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Sunshade™ Car Umbrella

Sunshade™ Car Umbrella

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   Safe odor free material

under high temperature exposure, it does not produce bad smell. safe and high quality material


   Reflects sunlight

The compound titanium silver glue with good heat dissipation effect can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car 


   Sun protection

This car windshield sun shade umbrella uses high- quality aluminum foil material to block a lot of heat and reflect sunlight, which can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car and present damage and aging of the car interior.


   Multi- Purpose

This automotive car sun umbrella for windshield protector can block the sun and rain outdoors, a multifunctional car parasol you deserve!


   Easy to Use and Store

Our windshield shade is easy to open and close, providing convenience for daily use. The foldable design allows for space-saving storage. Additionally, it is designed to maintain fresh air inside the car, without producing harmful gases at high temperatures.


Package Includes

1 Car Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella

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